Kids First Film Festival
Schedule of Films

October 7th

The following films will screen and several interactive children's games will be played in the large hall.  Kids will have the opportunity to make their own short film and screen later in the day.  The workshop is free and screening is only $5.  1-5pm

1pm: Shimajiro and the Rainbow Oasis


Series: FOREIGN FEATURE, AGES 3-7, 60 min

Description - Shimajiro and his friends meet Coco, a girl who was separated from her mother during a severe sandstorm. Each child is given a cardboard megaphone that they are encouraged to use at various times by the story's characters to cheer them on or shout a particular phrase, and even use as a weapon to thwart the film's villain.

2pm: "Connected" and other shorts

"Connected:  The Future", 13 min

Alexa Payesko, director

Five adorable seven and eight year-old girls talk about technology and what it means in their lives. From texting, to calculators, to drawing applications these charming and funny future rock stars, artists, and teachers explain how iPhones, iPads, and LeapPad's both inform and dominate their lives.


"The Boy By the Sea", 7 min

Vasily Chuprina, director

The story of an unlikely friendship. A young boy sitting by the sea, watching the stones he throws disappear beneath the surface. An old lighthouse keeper. A different truth beyond the water.   










Scarlett-Angelina, 10 min

Lorette Bayle, director

Scarlett-Angelina is a little girl who knows how to take care of herself, much to the dismay of the small-time crook who kidnaps her. Never underestimate a little girl with good manners.


Crushed, 10 min

Gayla Goehl, director

The Hurricane runs this small town middle school until the new girl arrives and he develops his first crush. What wouldn't a bully do for love?


Drew's Dancing Drum, 5 min

Sherre Chappell, director

Drew loves playing his drum for people until he is bullied by a boy named Malcolm. His dad encourages Drew to go on drumming and befriend the very boy that bulli

3pm: The Emissary



Series: FEATURE, AGES 8 - 18, 99 min

Description - Jim, a curious engineer and scientist, is beginning to learn mindfulness mediation, and drags two of his friends into the woods for a sunset "awareness" walk. They accidentally meet a mysterious spaceman named Koyper, who has travelled to Earth from a secret alien-built colony of

humans living on the edge of the solar system. His mission: deactivate a worn-out alien power generator, lost decades before during the shipwreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald...but get in a round of mini-golf, eat ice-cream for the first time and drive go-karts while he's at it. 


Kids age 4-18 will have an opportunity to make a film as a group in a workshop led by filmmaker, Omonike Akinyemi.  Use of Super-8 film equipment and video camera will be encouraged.  Adults, Parents, and Friends are welcome to attend and participate as actors.  Workshop is free.  To sign up in advance, register here.

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