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Farewell Amour

March 6, 6pm

March 7, 4pm

Reunited after 17 years, an Angolan immigrant is joined in the U.S. by his wife and daughter. Now strangers sharing a one-bedroom apartment, they discover a shared love of dance that may help them overcome the distance between them.



Sat, March 6, 4pm

Sun, March 7, 6pm

In “Stardust,” we find David Bowie (Johnny Flynn) on the rise but frustrated. He’s broken out with “Space Oddity,” but now what? He’s too niche to be considered mainstream, but still he wants to achieve that rock star status. So, he crosses the pond to meet an enthusiastic publicist, Ron Oberman.

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Coded Bias

Sat, March 30, 7:30pm

When MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini discovers that many facial recognition technologies fail more often on darker-skinned faces or the faces of women than others, she delves into an investigation of widespread bias in the technology that shapes our lives.

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